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Join us for a transformative journey at our virtual worship conference, where boundless inspiration meets profound spiritual growth.
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Discover Conference

Engage with leading voices in worship ministry at our annual conference.

Song Library

Browse through our unique collection of songs and songwriters from across Africa.

Our Vision

Discover the driving force behind our initiatives.




We are an inviting Space: We are committed to cultivating hubs for networking worship ministry leaders across Africa and the global community.

We facilitate Encounter: Our networking hubs inspire worship ministry leaders through transformative exchanges of knowledge, creativity, and resources.

We long to see worship ministry leaders Transform: As a networking and support system for both local and global worship communities, we aim to see God transform leaders and their ministries.



At Worthship House, we boast a remarkable team passionate about advancing God’s Kingdom through worship ministry. Our team members come from diverse professional backgrounds but share a common purpose in creating effective hubs for networking worship ministry leaders in West Africa and beyond. Learn more about our team.

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Worthship Podcast

Join your hosts, Eric Amouzou and Philip Thomas, on an enlightening journey through worship ministry from a global perspective. Our podcast aims to frame worship ministry as an integral part of overall mental, emotional, and relational health. Featuring interviews with artists, ministers, and musicians from varied backgrounds, we explore the joys and challenges of leading worship in an increasingly diverse global environment. Listen to us on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube.


Make a difference with your giving

Support the vision to network, empower, and transform worship ministry leaders, musicians, and educators. As a non-profit, we rely on the generosity of donors like you to sustain our operations. Please consider donating to our general fund or sponsoring a segment of the Discover Conference.